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  1. Wanda Robinson

    Oct 21, 2020

  2. Deana Jackson

    Sep 05, 2020

    Great service, and great cars.

  3. Laura Poole

    Jul 28, 2020

    5 ??‘S all around. Thank you Eric Johnson !!! I love my dream car, and the process was a breeze!!!! I highly recommend buying your next vehicle from Eric Johnson ,you’ll be glad you did.

  4. Ryan Hogan

    Mar 25, 2020

    Pulled into the parking lot and scoped out the inventory, didn't get salesman walking up to my window looking like an excited puppy. Saw a CRV with some appeal and walked into Eric's office. He tossed me the keys and said take it for a spin. With comparative CRV pricing in the area I walked away feeling like I got a great deal. Highly recommend doing good business with Eric if you want to skip the car salesman gimmicks and walk away feeling happy.

  5. Josh Hubbard

    Feb 17, 2020

    Nice cars very clean

  6. Kathy Dills

    Jan 29, 2020

  7. Kristen Cooke

    Jan 24, 2020

    I eyeballed my Navigator for 2 days before calling Eric. Called this morning at 10am and drove it home by 7. Great referrence for a loan. This man made things happen with very little work on my end. I couldn't ask for an easier process, better price, better salesman in general and I ending up with a beautiful Navigator!

  8. Terry Long Sr.

    Dec 30, 2019

    Has really nice cars and such but doesn't reply to messages about them!

  9. Dan Cannan

    Dec 26, 2019

  10. Ann Brown

    Dec 25, 2019

  11. M W

    Dec 24, 2019

    Just purchased a van from Eric Johnson. Quick and easy purchase with no difficult sales or financing tactics. The van is in great shape as advertised and included a warranty and maintenance plan. The financing process was quick and easy through a Credit Union with a great rate!

  12. shane spry

    Nov 16, 2019

  13. bobbi conner

    Nov 13, 2019

  14. CaféValiente Tropical

    Jul 27, 2019

    Really nice place to look for the car you want, the staff is really nice and help you to find what you want and need, I’ve been there a couple of times and they’re are always willing to show you what you need to see. Thanks Eric!

  15. Abby Tucker

    Jul 27, 2019

    If you value your time and gas don't come here. Eric seemed like a nice stand up guy at first glance but he wasted my time by selling my dream xterra out from under me. I was told once I proved I had successfully gotten a loan the car would be held for me until the weekend when I could come pick it up. I was 15 minutes away from the bank going to pick up the check when he texted saying he had sold it to someone else that morning. My current car was already listed for sale so now I have a loan for a car that I cannot buy and a car others are already interested in. Don't let him waste your time like he did me.

  16. John Burke

    Jul 17, 2019

    An honest car dealership that strives to help the customer find what their looking for. Eric sold me a really nice Ford F150 Super Cab 4x4 and I absolutely love it. If you want a really nice vehicle but don't want a car payment more than most folks house payments give Eric a call. I found out about his dealership by word of mouth from Friend at work and I so glad I did.

  17. Jonathan D. Perez Rosario

    Jun 22, 2019

    Great customer service. Very good deals. Will reccomend to friends and family

  18. Chris Beasley

    May 01, 2019

    A good and honest car Dealership. Me and my mother both bought a car and was very satisfied.

  19. Patty Mcginnis

    Mar 17, 2019

    Stopped by to look on a Sunday. He happened to be there cutting grass. He stood and helped us with buying a truck.

  20. Lorrie Bradshaw

    Jan 22, 2019

  21. Artemis V

    Dec 18, 2018

    Eric Johnson offers cars that are high quality and practically new, at reasonable prices. He is very engaged in helping you find the car you need, and was even willing to work out a time to meet with me due to my busy work schedule. I have not had a single problem out of the vehicle I chose from his lot and I'm really glad that I went to him to buy my first car. I have recommended him to all of my friends and co-workers.

  22. Donnel F.

    Nov 23, 2018

    Contacted Eric about a dodge charger that I was looking at. I felt Eric was extremely transparent in offering information about the car. I received the CarFax and was able to have the car held with no issue. Able to test drive, and saw no issues with the vehicle. Actually had a blown fuse, which was replaced with no problem, and threw in a detailing on the spot.

  23. Kendra Matkins

    Oct 23, 2018

    Eric responded quickly and provided the vehicle Carfax. His vehicles were all very clean and priced competitively. Customer service was top of the line and the process was quick and simple. Certainly recommend for your next vehicle purchase!

  24. Mike Auten

    Oct 17, 2018

    Very nice people, very nice cars!!

  25. Venice Belk

    Sep 15, 2018

    Just bought a used Jeep Liberty from Eric Johnson Auto Sales and i Love it! They have great car quality and most importantly great customer service. I would definitely recommend this place.

  26. Ryan Blake

    Sep 03, 2018

  27. Matthew Werder

    Aug 25, 2018

    Just bought a used vehicle from Eric. It was my first time buying a used vehicle, so I was a little unsure of the best way to do it and worried about getting ripped off, but I did my research and found a car that Eric was selling on Autotrader. We came out for a test drive and then took the vehicle back to the mechanic that I normally use to get it checked out. We had absolutely no issues, and Eric made the purchasing process very easy. It is too early to tell how the car will handle in the long run, but Eric earned my trust for now, and we will consider him again next time we are in the used car market.

  28. Teirney Mason

    Jun 18, 2018

    Great people ! Good prices ! Great service

  29. Scotty Hutchens

    May 13, 2018

  30. Chip Free

    Apr 01, 2018

    I contacted Eric Johnson Auto sales through cargurus. His dealership was about an hour away so I wanted to make sure someone was going to be available late on a Sunday afternoon and I wanted to see the carfax before I made the drive. Eric responded quickly and sent the carfax for me to review. We (my wife and 2 kids) headed down to look at the car. Honestly, I was a little hesitant to buy from a small(er) dealer. When we arrived, Eric gave us the keys and let us take a look on our own without any pressure. The car was as advertised. He had just got the car and was upfront with an issue concerning the radio that he hadn't had a chance to fix. I decided to purchase the car so I put down a deposit and returned the next day to complete the paperwork and take the car home. Eric came across as a trustworthy guy so I wasn't too worried about the radio issue. The next day I took the car to the dealership so they could re-program the radio. Unfortunately, it needed to be replaced which was more expensive then either Eric or I expected. Since I had already purchased the car I was relying on Eric to do the 'right thing'. I let Eric know about the issue and we resolved it quickly and without any haggling. I recommend Eric and may get his help on finding my wife a car. Chip

  31. LoudPack Dinasti

    Aug 08, 2017

  32. Chris Rice

    Jul 01, 2017

    Eric helped is broker a deal. Heck of a guy! Thanks Eric.

  33. Joseph Crum

    Jun 24, 2017

    Very friendly, very easy process. Has very clean cars at good prices. Worth the drive to Cherryville to check out his cars.

  34. GK

    Dec 23, 2016

    Eric is honest and a great guy bought a car for my son and he couldn't have been more helpful! ! Definitely give him a call.

  35. Michael Cartee

    Jul 30, 2016